In Between …

… not a Full post but a bit of checking in with Myself, my Muse, the World out there.

How are You? How are you Getting through all of This?

On top of the Pandemic, the Protesting, and something Personal; I’m finally coming into the Middle. Somewhere in between Comfort and Chaos.

All of a sudden, there is this insatiable need to Create, shine some Light, and to Share.

With that in mind, I am in the midst of making Original Art to submit for the Artbox Project in Zurich, Switzerland. It’s been a minute, since I’ve made or even had any sort of Art show, and I am rather excited to be a part of this. Because of this Project, I finally made one main Website for all my Creative Endeavours. Please take a Look at, Bookmark, Subscribe, and Share: .

And this is a Bright, Big, Thank YOU to all of you (at least 1K clicks a day) that have been visiting my wee Blog, these past few months ( particularly my Readers in Canada and Lithuania! ) I’m utterly Chuffed and Honored. If you’re so Inclined, please reach out, or leave comments, I would love to connect with you!

Stay Tuned for a longer Post on the current state of the World, and finally, my Sojourn in Barcelona. In the meantime, please check out my ‘Stories’ on Instagram, it’s my running Visual Journal!

Stay Safe, Stay Sane …

All Peace and Love, G XXX

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