Halfway through 50 + Edinburgh + A Wee Bit of Dublin …

Halfway through 50, Click:



And Finally the last leg of my Birthday Trip.

After the Sublimeness of Wiltshire County and the Brilliance of Oxford we were off to Bonnie Scotland:

38922882680_a00671921a_o.pngIt would be my first proper Rail Trip across the UK and what is it about Train Trips that unlocks such Wanderlust?



And remember the Brick Lane Sign that I bought in London? No it wasn’t from a shop, it was from the Truman Brewery Vintage Market. It was an impulse buy coupled with my Vintage 1930 Red Cross Trench Coat, and I still love them both Dearly, and let me tell you, they are Well Traveled. I made quite the impression walking down my first Train Aisle trying not to hit anyone in the head with it! My first seat mate when he saw me said ‘ Stealing signs are we? ‘




This is what (tired) Happy – Ness looks like.




Oh Trolley, I felt like I was in a Harry Potter Film.




A Cuppa whilst watching the English Countryside go by:








Click Link Here if Above Video Bit Doesn’t Work!









Click Here if Above Video Bit doesn’t Work!

Pulled into Waverley Train Station and had the best Conversation in a crowded lift, ever:

My SO big backpack was sticking out of the lift, and the door wouldn’t close. I was saying  ‘ I’m Sorry !’ a million times over to all our lift mates as I pushed myself deeper into the crowd. One kind Lass said, ‘ We’re loving your Brick Lane Sign and British Red Cross Coat, so no worries!’ I was chuffed. PS She was in the British Red Cross and my coat brought back fond memories for her! THIS is why I heart Vintage.

Stayed at the Uber Cool Grassmarket Hotel: 





Around the corner is the Inspiration for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. We didn’t get a chance to really explore it, but I will be back in Edinburgh and do a proper Harry Potter Pilgrimage.




They did this for my Birthday + gave me a free Bottle of Prosecco.




Best Shower of my Life.




When you’re out, they leave you a whole new room in a Basket.

Went to the Christmas Market …




Click Here if Above Video Bit doesn’t work!





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Scanned Instax




Scott Monument


My Fave Memory of the Christmas Market is a Mum coming up to me because she stated her Wee Son thought that I took an Instax Photo of him. I actually took one of the above Scott Monument and it was still developing in my Hand. I bent down and assured him that I took a picture of the Tower, and asked if he wanted it. He shyly smiled Yes, and with that we were all happy! Ran into them again later, and the polaroid was still developing, yes it was that cold and yes, the Wee Lad was still Happy!




Click Here if Video Bit Doesn’t Work!



After the Market, we did a bit of Holiday Card Shopping, THIS I had to buy.

Our Hotel was next door to the Irish Pub Biddy Mulligans where we had Breakkie for Three Days.



After Breakkie we made our way to the meeting point for our Tour with Rabbie’s. Only book with Rabbie’s. You won’t be Sorry. 

Whilst exploring a bit, I heard Bagpipes wafting through the cold morning air and we found these two Officers:



Click Here if Video Bit Doesn’t Work.

I asked if I could I take their picture, and they kindly obliged:




The Soldier on the right asked if I could send him copies of the pics, and of course I said Yes!


And whilst we crowded around an iPhone to take a pic, the soldier on the left grabbed me closer to him and said ‘ Sometimes you just have to be Manhandled!’ ‘

Yes, Please.

… This From Soldier Stuart after I sent the pics to him:


Still high from our Bagpipers, we boarded our tour Van with the Charismatic Steven. I took many videos of him offering up the Brilliant + Passionate Scottish History of the areas he took us through see: Flickr Set, Page 4 for  a  l  l  of the video bits.

But first, this pic I took on the way out of Edinburgh. Moving in the van and on the sly, this shot epitomizes what Traveling means to Me. Seeking out the Unexpected, the Non Tourist Moment, and looking up and about, not down at your Device ( like She is!) .


Saying that the Scottish Countryside is B  e  a  u  t  i  f  u  l  is an Understatement.  You must truly see it, feel it,  let is seep into your Bones.

Put it on your Bucket List:





Scanned Panoramic Film


Scanned B + W Ilford Film of the William Wallace Monument

See more pics of it on my Flickr Page, Click.



Click Here If Video Bit doesn’t work!

LOVE this because A Scot, A South African Couple, and an American walking in the Scottish Countryside talking about celebrating my Birthday and the Couple Celebrating their Wedding Anniversary! PS The South African Lass was also a Sagittarius ! 

On to Melrose Abbey, the place for my Third Spiritual Experience of my Trip:

It is an Etheral place, it vibrated with Spiritual Energy, and the Light, OH the Light.





Scanned Instax




Scanned Panoramic Film






Scanned B + W Ilford Film







Scanned B + W Ilford Film

As I was meandering around with my Cameras, at one point I looked up and saw a Brown Monk’s Robe. I was taken aback, but quickly and easily said to it, ‘ Thank You for letting me take Pictures! ‘ … and then it was gone.

Bloody, Brilliant.

Another Brilliant Bit was this:



The Christmas Pudding at the GreenHouse Cafe. Truly the best ‘Meal ‘ of the trip, topping the whole of my Birthday Dinner in London, it was T  H  A  T  good.




If Video Bit Doesn’t Work, Click Here.



Scanned B + W Ilford Film



Scanned B + W Ilford Film

Rosslyn Chapel, the last stop of our Tour, and my Last Spiritual Experience of my Trip.

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the Chapel, so I did a bit outside:




Scanned B + W Ilford Film





Inside the Chapel, Words Fail Me. If you read the Book or watched the Movie The Da Vinci Code , you get a taste of it, but inside, it’s bone chilling. I could go further into all the Mysteries and Theories, but I know what I felt when I was in there, Pure Spiritual Electricity.

You need to visit.

Thank YOU Steven for being a SO Brilliant Guide! You made my first visit to Scotland Memorable! Dear Rabbie’s  … You have a Star in Steven! 

In the Eve:



Found a Brilliant Photography Galley




Bought a Vintage Scottish Cap



Had Haggis for Dinner, SO Good.

The Next Day, it was really C O L D but the light was Amazing:







Edinburgh Castle:





Scanned Panoramic Film




Scanned B + W Ilford with Borders




Scanned Instax




Look who I ran into! The South African Anniversary Couple!






Click Here If Video Bit Doesn’t Work!

 And lastly, The Elephant House, The Birthplace of Harry Potter …



Scanned Instax


Off to the Last Leg of the Trip, back to Dublin:




My Well Traveled Brick Lane Sign








Click Here if Video Bit Doesn’t Work!

We only had one night in Dublin, and it started off Brilliantly.

We had the best Cabbie of the whole trip:




A Whirlwind of a Night:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Then Ha ‘ Penny Bridge:




Going Back Stateside:

It was a Memorable Trip, Brilliant in bits and filled with Lessons. I was sad to leave, but I knew I was coming back in 2018! I turned 50 in a part of the World I Loved the most, and that’s all that mattered to me.




So, my Sign:




I lost it in the Dublin Airport at one point. Some Cheeky + Galant Irish Airport Porters had it behind the Counter and teased me, ‘ Are you going to use it to club Lads back home? ‘ Apparently when I checked in at US Customs, I was ‘ Profiled ‘ because of the sign. Or was it because the Color of my skin? Needless to say, I followed a US Officer who held my Passport in his hand, to a back room and watched as my Luggage was wheeled out on a cart along with my Sign. There was nothing I could do but eat my Mince Pie as I watched the clock on the wall countdown to my Boarding Time. Finally an Officer looked at my Sign, called my Name, gave me my Passport back and said ‘ Have a Nice Trip ‘.

And back in my Hometown of Sacramento:


And it was all totally worth it!

Click Here for My Entire 50th Birthday Trip in a Flickr Set!


Currently planning that 2018 Solo Trip (the only way to Travel) in December to Redux it the way I want to. Sunday Markets in East London, check. Back to Oxford to possibly see an NDVR Filming, check. Then onto Three New Cities in Two Countries!

As My Birthday Cards says:


In Love, G XXX

Up Next: My New Creative Partner + Project!

PS For my Travel Pics over the Years go to my Professional Photography Site!






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