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Most people are on the world, not in it …

John Muir

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Dear 2019, did you see that shift?  Those past 12 months that just flew right by ya? The most Sublime, the most Heart Wrenching stretch of time in my Life. To be fair, I have never been the type to skip lightly through anything, but damn it all if I wasn’t savagely thrown, headfirst into the lot. In Deep? I was consumed.



I turned a Half A Century Old, I lost Life Long Relationships, I was on the receiving end of Unfathomable Hatred and Callousness,  I lost My SO Beloved Sadie Girl, and then  I  Sold Our Magic Cottage.



But as there is no Darkness without Light, I was also Gifted with profound Strength, an Unwavering Sense of Creativity, and Unconditional Love from my Tribe. In Deep? I was consumed.

  I then moved back to the River: Rogue River Drive, my Childhood Home to be with + take care of my Beloved Parents. After 20 Years of being away, 7 of those Years being completely on my own (with Sadie Girl of course) and becoming Ferociously Independent, it has been the biggest Shift of all. My Parents are my Best Friends but learning to share space with people ( I edited down a whole house into Two Rooms + a Shed ) again has been Profound to say the least:






One of thePerks of moving back, however, is I have fallen in Love with the River Again.

It’s quiet Beauty has not lost it’s Magic on this River Rat, and I can’t want to Document, Explore, and Share my Adventures.

It was and still is my Haven:


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Before all of this Shifting, I was planning on going back to Europe. And when I was unpacking the day to day necessities, switching out warm weather clothes for winter clothes, I was subconsciously packing for the Trip. However, I was still toying with the idea, should I go? Do I deserve to go? Am I taking on too much in an already jam packed year?

But after a disappointing, almost heartbreaking trip last December, I was empowered to rewrite a new Narrative for this Birthday. So I planned my 13 Day Trip in 2 Weeks. London, Liverpool, Barcelona, and Amsterdam:





This Film By My  Brilliant Mate Marc  was made whilst I was in Barcelona! It epitomizes the Vibe of the Whole of My Trip …

But First:

Hastily placed Boots, Bag, Pink Tights, and my new Leica into my Luggage and off I went.

Any Trip to Europe, has to start in the UK.

It is my Spirit Animal:


I only fly Aerlingus: SFO to Dublin, Dublin to London. The Irish Hospitality, all the Free (Included) Food +Entertainment makes the 15 hours go by fast:


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Then, on the way to my Fave Part in London:





I knew I wanted to stay in East London, because last Year, I did not get to explore it properly.  Going back to the Qbic again, was the most obvious choice. Right in the mix of it, affordable, and Stylish.


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In Hindsight, I had made Dinner Reservations at their Motley Restaurant, and really one of best things about staying in a Hotel? Going Downstairs for some Noshing! I was at the Qbic in 2017, and I have to say the improvements to the Bar and Restaurant make it more Inviting, Open, and Warm. But the best part of my stay at the Qbic? Meeting my Birthday Twin, Restaurant/Bar Manager, Filip. He was Inviting, Open, and Warm and we became Fast Friends! Check out his Music, he is a Brilliant Singer!

 … And a True Testament to how the whole of my Trip was from the moment I landed in Dublin to the plane trip back to the States.  The People, the Tribe that I forged in 13 Days, it’s the Reason why I was lead there, to feel the Shift.

Then there is the Brick Lane/Shoreditch Area. How do I adequately describe these stretch of Streets? After my first Art show at Truman Brewery, I have deeply loved East London.

… There are ways to document, it seems. One is to go into ( a new country or) a new situation and hit it like a hot wind, not stopping to think — simply to feel.

Eve Arnold













Scanned Instax











Scanned Instax



My Version of ‘ Humans of New York ‘ which, again, set a Precedent for the Whole of the Trip:


In front of the Beigel Shop, I met this Lovely Man whilst I was taking pics … :


… We had a Brilliant Wormhole of a Conversation that included Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Brexit, Microbiology, and Taoism. It was the Proverbial Shot that my Broken Self needed, to ‘ Let Go’ and Fricken OPEN UP. After our chat, I asked him if I could take his picture and I gave him one of these:


… I walked away with the most Tangible High and for the rest of the Trip I ‘ Attracted ‘ dozens, if not more, types of these Experiences.  Lesson learned though, I have not heard from him, so when I met someone I wanted to stay connected with, I gave them my Phone and asked them to add me on Social Media and/or put their Contact Info in!


I bought that Black Wrap ( I eventually gifted it to my Liverpool Mate Kat )  in the background from this Wonderful Woman, Josephine! Check out her Website for more of her Beautiful Work! We connected on a Creative Level and our Conversation of Making a Living as an Artist, Fashion Photography/Gear, and our Shared Love of the Artistic Community in East London, left me flying High once again. I need to reach out to her, to keep our Conversation going …


 Towards the end of my Parading, I ran across this  Fabulousness. I thought I was the sly one snapping away, when the Chess Master said to me ‘ If you want to take a Picture you have to pay me!’ As I profusely apologized whilst digging in my pocket for coins, he said ‘ No! With a Kiss! ‘. I thought about it for a split second, than ran over and gave him a peck on both of his Cheeks. As I walked away, he said ‘ Look she’s Blushing, she wants to Kiss me again!’ And with that, the whole lot of them burst out laughing! The Cherry on Top? The night before, I texted my BFF that I wanted to Kiss someone on this Trip! Be Careful what you wish for and  w h o  is the Lad with the Glasses taking a picture of ? I scuttled away, High from all that Flirtatious Energy, and carried it into a Monumental Meeting with some Editors.

After my Meeting, I gave Filip a Wee Christmas Gift + had a Good Bye Drink with him + packed for the next Leg of My Trip, Liverpool.

Feel that Shift, London? You gave me back my Swagger.


How do I describe what going to Liverpool meant to me? Let me get back to ya on that one, but first, I stayed in my Awesome Mate Kat’s Airbnb . I fell in Love with the Lot:

It was my very first Experience in an Airbnb, and I am now totally Enamored with it all! On my First Solo Overseas Trip, I absolutely loved having a ‘ Home ‘ to come back to. Kat is Dynamic, Kind, Caring, and we quickly became Friends (Truth be told, I had Tears in my eyes when we hugged Good Bye)! I Highly Recommend Kat’s Abode if you’re in the Liverpool Area!

+ Go to my Website for High Res Copies of my recent Travel Pics + my Portfolio.

++ Updating Blog Features in the next Month or So: Check back often!

+++ Starting to work on my Art Shed this MLK JR. Holiday … It’s Time:


Up Next, My Birthday in Liverpool!

Big Love, G XXX

Edit: April, 2019: If on a Desktop/Laptop, Please check out My New Sidebar Features. If on a Mobile Device, Click ‘ Menu ‘ for the New Features!











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