Hindsight 2020 …

In a Lesson that I co-taught recently, it was posited that Photographs (and sometimes Ephemera) are Proof someone was there and experienced something.

And for the past 10 Years, Proof is in the eye of the beholder:

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… And in combing through photos to accompany this wee Love Letter to the past 10 Years, I am completely shook at the unadulterated depth of what was lived.

I revitalized and fell back in Love with my Faith and in doing so, fell back in Love with Life.

My Parents became my Best Friends.

I started off the Decade with a Married name and midway through it, I claimed it back with the name I was born with.

I discovered a Soul Mate in my Beloved Sadie Dog, watched her cross the Rainbow Bridge, but know she will always be with me where ever I go.

Lived alone (with Sadie) for 7 years in our 1920’s Magic Cottage, the whole of which became my Creative Playground, and discovered an unwavering Strength in being Solitary and that I can do for Myself, by Myself.

Defined and Redefined what Family truly is, wether it be the one we are born into, or the one we choose.  Became Close to some, Unattached to others. I was Empowered, I was Comforted, I was Hurt, I let go.

Continued to make Art, Visual Journal, had a couple of Art Shows, and my First Photography Show.

Taught Art and was a Photographer at the Crocker Museum, worked my first Retail Job at Apple,  worked in a Food Photography Studio, and went back to working with Children with Special Needs: One Job was a Lesson in Grace, my Current Position is where I am supposed to be.

Then it was back to my Beloved UK for my 50th Birthday: London, Oxford, Edinburgh, and a bit of Dublin. For my next Birthday it was a Solo Trip back to London, onto Liverpool, Barcelona, then Amsterdam. The first trip, felt like a Trip ‘Home’, and certain lessons were learned. Second trip showed me that I can Travel Alone, there is a Freedom in doing so, and that my Future will be Overseas.

Some Fave Travel Posts (click to go through): Oxford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and my Solo Trip to London.

… And was Filmed Walking around the Barri Gòtic in Barcelona by my Most Talented Friend Marc Samper, Please click through to look at his Brilliant Work:

… Said Good Bye to my Life in Curtis Park, living 20 Years away from The River, and Sold our Magic Cottage.

Moved back to The River to be with my Parents, settled into new, yet familiar spaces, became Mum to an Angel Cat, called Kiki, and began, the next Chapter going into the 2020’s by starting a Year Long Project: Hindsight 2020: Click through for Ongoing Gallery!

Getting Ready …

A Great Big Thank YOU to Kyle, Click through to his Etsy Store, for the Beautiful Leica!

And he’s a Brilliant Photographer as well: Check out his Instagram!

Where will the next 11 Months, the next 10 Years take Me?
Rest assured, it will be Honored, it will Documented!
… Always, LOVE
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